Since 2013, our company is actively engaged in the creation of service robots-assistants. We expanded the team, equipped ourselves with the most modern equipment and the most advanced knowledge in robotics, and have completed the development of the third generation of our robots and we are ready to present it to public.

  • Place

    Moscow, territory of the innovation center "Skolkovo" office center "Technopark", housing 2

  • Date

    October 26 at 13:30 +5GMT (Moscow time)

What is Promobot?

Promobot is the first on the market autonomous "live" robot.

Promobot V.1

Identify the characteristics of the first robot

The very first Promobot had a codename "Monument" and he stayed on the market from October 2013 to January 2015. It moved, entertained people in shopping malls and movie theaters. It was it who brought our company the title of the best industrial startup and was the reason why we got a first place in the competition GenerationS 2014, conducted by the Russian Venture Company.

  • Total sales of the robots: 20
  • Cost: $5 000
  • Number of the cities of the presence: 4
  • Battery life: 8 hours
  • Movement speed: 0.5 km/h
  • Dimensions: 130x60x60 (HxWxL)

Promobot V.2

Characteristics of the second robot
  • Total sales of the robots: 215
  • Total realized robots: 124
  • Price: $7 000
  • Number of the cities of the presence: 31
  • Battery life: 8 hours
  • Movement speed: 0.5 km/h
  • Dimensions: 145x76x86 (HxWxL)
the robot which succeeded

The robot that is a welcome guest of any event, to brings profit to the PARTNERS AND DEALERS

Promobot V.3

The developers keep in secret the future of the robot
All the secrets will be revealed at the presentation of the NEW VERSION OF ROBOT
You have a chance to learn everything firsthand

The host of the presentation is

Yuzhakov Alexey CEO
PhD in Technical Sciences, founder of Promobot, member of the working group of the National NeyroNet technology initiative, Singularity University graduate

What do people say about the presentation of the new version

Что говорят о роботе или кто пойдет на презентацию
Promobot Team actively explores the achievements and benefits of the competition and, of course, is working to improve its product. I believe that they will succeed
Gulnara Bikkulova — RVK
Promobot is an example of a worthy project with a great team. Promobot is a new marketing tool for collecting data about customers in real time
Albert Efimov — Skolkovo
Promobot today has become the benchmark for Russian robotics companies. In addition, jobs and taxes is a basic interest of the authorities of the city of Perm because of the region and the country as a whole.
Igor Sapko — Head of Perm city
What people say about the robot and who will attend the presentation Promobot is one of the most successful Russian projects in the field of service robotics. And I am sure that in the next 5 years the company Promobot will be one of the global companies in the world.
Eugene Pluzhnik — MTI